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I’ve worked with Marty in his various roles as a soundman, location fixer and crewing expert. In every challenge asked of him, he's always delivered quality, commitment and professionalism in his work. Couple that with the fact that he’s a thoroughly decent bloke with an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Oz  - be it it people, places or kit - and I’d have no hesitation in calling on his services.


             - Roger Power, Series Producer (BBC/Prospero Prod.) 


Having began as a studio audio director for commerial production Marty was eager to get to the 'grassroots'of audio and quickly moved to location recording within a busy metropolitain network. Working in production, news and current affairs, he quickly gained valuable experience in all aspects of audio recording. In late 1997 Marty entered the freelance market and rose to the challanges working with 16 and 35mm film commercials and drama. The subsequent years as a freelancer have taken him across the globe working on many and varied projects in documentry film making, commercials, reality and lifestyle television.2017 will mark 25 years in broadcast television for Marty and with this comes the knowledge only experience can gain.


Marty is the consummate professional who takes great pride in being able to use his experience to help better every shoot. With a reputaion for professionalism and dedication that is matched with his comfortable friendly demeanour, Marty truly is a team player.

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