Fixer... yes it is a real job



What is a fixer?


A Fixer provides logistical support, facilitates permit, custom, location, talent, crews, equipment, accommodation and transportation for filmmakers who wish to conduct filming abroad. The role of fixer requires a unique combonation of skills and one that only comes with extensive industry experience for this I draw upon my 23 years in television that has given me many unique opportunities, taken me to obscure places far and wide and some right around the corner but it is this experience coupled with my unique technical background that allows me to offer what others can't. This is first hand knowledge that will not only find you the right location, the right talent and crew right down but the ability to take into account the finer details that effect the very technique of creating the perfect shot such as knowing lighting techniques and understanding when is the correct time of day for each location, taking into consideration the environment with light and shade of the sun, noise pollution and a multitude of elements that play upon production. Couple all this with the contacts and local knowledge gained over time working in the industry you can be confident that you will get exactly what you want.


Part of being a great fixer is knowing the right peaople and I know I have the best people to back me up with a team of dedicated fixers and senior production personal I regularly work with across Australia from as far west as Perth to the southern posts of  Adelaide and Melbourne and all the way back to the Hub of Sydney, not to mention my home state of Queensland. I have specialists in Visas and sponsorship and great corporate relationships with many public and private entities that will make obtaining permits fluid and a smooth process.

 We also have the history to prove we can pull together the greatest of teams, big or small and a loyal following of returning productions to our services.


In this year alone  I have been able to facilitate for a multitude of returning  BBC television and Discovery Channel productions across Australia.


The best crews, the best locations and the best advice.


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