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Equipment List:


Sound Devices 664 12 channel mixer / recorder 

Sound Devices Mix Pre 10ii 10 channel mixer / recorder

Lectrosonics radio mics ( 14 in total)

Wisycom Radio microphones

Tentacle timecode recorder packs

Sennheiser 816 shotgun mic (x 2)

Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic ( x 6)

Sennheiser 406 cardiod mic ( x 2)

Tentacle timecode lock boxes

Sony wireless producer headsets (x6)

Wireless hand mics (x 3)

Rode NT1 ( voiceover mic complet with mount and popper )

Road Broadcaster micropdones( x 6)

DPA, Tram, countryman B6, Pin-mic, and waterproof heads

Lectrosonics wireless link (hop) x3

Denecke timecode slate (x 2) & lazy slate

Lectrosonics waterproof radio microphones

Hydrophone microphone

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