Equipment List:


Sound Devices 633 6 channel mixer / recorder 

Sound Devices 552 5 channel mixer / recorder

Sound Devices 702T recorder

SQN 4 channel Mixer

Sony 8 channel audio mixing desk

Sennheiser 816 shotgun mic (x 2)

Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic ( x 6)

Sennheiser 406 cardiod mic ( x 2)

Sony ME66 shotgun mic ( x 2)

Coles lip ribbon mic

Wireless hand mics (x 3)

Rode NT1 ( voiceover mic complet with mount and popper )


Lectrosonics deiversity radio mics        23 availible across blocks 21,22,25 and 26. 7 x waterproof transmitters as well as

                                                             belt pack transmitters with various lapel head combinations including Sanken cos11,

                                                             DPA, Tram, countryman B6, Pin-mic, and waterproof heads

Lectrosonics wireless link (hop) x3

Denecke timecode slate (x 2) & lazy slate

Lectrosonics / Icom5 ifb ( x 4)

Additional gear:

GoPro 3 black ( x 3)

1000 LED light panels, bi-colour with v-lock ( x 4 )

500 LED light panels, bi-colour with v-lock ( x 2 )  

Arri 800 with soft boxes ( x 2 )    

1k Fresnel lights ( x 2) 

150 Fresnel light ( x 2 )

Sony V-lock batteries ( x 14 )

Small HD DP6 monitor (wireless)

Glidecam V20 (steadicam) suitable for full broadcat camera such as XDcam

Scrim Frames 4ft avenger & 7ft photoflex

Various c stands and polly bounce.

10ft mini jib (miller)

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